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Altan Sterling Silver is a wholesale silver jewelry supplier located in Ludwigshafen/Germany. Altan Sterling Silver has a large selection of the silver jewelry. Please notice that this is a B2B Shop. As B2B customer you can register or login on the online shop and order fast. The minimum order value is 120 €. For further Information you can contact us


Silber Omegakette 1mm 45cm
Silber Omegakette 1mm 42cm
Silber Schlangenkette 1,2mm 42cm
Bandring - Silberring plain - gebürstet
Blossom - Silber Anhänger plain - mattiert
Ohrstecker rund - Silber Ohrstecker plain - poliert
Silber Schlangenkette 1,2mm 45cm
Gladiolus - Silberring plain - gebürstet
Silber Schlangenkette 1mm 45cm
Bandring gewickelt - Silberring plain - poliert
Silber Schlangenkette 1mm 42cm
Silber Schlangenkette 1,2mm 50cm
Perlenhänger - Silber Perlenohrringe - poliert
Reseda - Silberring plain - mattiert